Teenage Students Raising Hands


  • I strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment for ALL students to succeed. 

  • I balance theory and practice in teaching and develop student skills for quantitative reasoning.

  • For social entrepreneurs and managers (in both businesses and nonprofits), my teaching aims to sharpen their sensitivity to why and how social contexts matter for the success of their organizations.

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William K. Bunis Graduate Instructor Teaching Award

In Sociology, 2020, University of Arizona

An excerpt from the official award nomination form: 

"To have a teacher that can incite passion for their subject, identify and work through students’ difficulties with the material, and develop their students’ own academic and professional goals through mentorship is an asset to any institution. I truly believe Yi embodies the qualities of a recipient of this award, it is for these reasons I am nominating Yi for the William K Bunis Graduate Teaching Award.”

Student Reviews

Anonymous student comments from official course evaluations.


“Professor Zhao was really awesome! He posted helpful tools about essay writing and really wanted us to succeed. He also gave great feedback and was overall a great professor.”